Whether it’s to celebrate a special milestone or to spread the festive cheer – here’s a gifting range that will keep on giving. Choose from a curated selection of our organic and natural superfoods in hand-made banana fibre gift baskets to help show your loved ones that you care – about their health and the health of our planet.

Superfood Gift Baskets

For ₹ 1700
After Meal Digestive, Wild Forest Honey, Turmeric, Flax Seeds, Sea Salt, Coconut Oil

For ₹ 3000
Coconut Oil, Wild Forest Honey, Green Tea, Flax Seeds, Turmeric, Apple Cider Vinegar, Spirulina

For ₹ 4500
Virgin Coconut Oil, Harde Honey, Green Tea, Flax Seeds, Turmeric, Apple Cider Vinegar, Spirulina, Gir Cow Ghee

You can also choose from a selection of gift boxes curated by our advisor and celebrity nutritionist, Shonali Sabherwal.

The Fitness Box

For ₹ 1100
Sikander Brown Rice, Spirulina Powder, Sprouted Suji, Flax Seeds, Alfalfa Seeds , Super Seven Bean Mix, Banana Wafers

The Natural Beauty Box

For ₹ 1100
Coconut Oil, Apricot Oil, Sea Salt, Flax Seeds, Turmeric, Green Tea Plus

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