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Amaranth Vegan Protein Balls

We’re collaborating with Sangeeta Khanna, a cuisine and nutrition consultant of Health Food Desi Videshi to create a series of recipes for Conscious Cookbook. This time, she has created a Vegan Protein Ball recipe using our Amaranth Seeds and Palm Jaggery. Amaranth contains a complete range of essential amino acids and is therefore considered a complete protein. It […]

Conscious Food x La Petit Chef

This month we collaborated with the lovely Swayampurna of La Petit Chef. Swayampurna is a banker-turned-chef, and the author of My Indian Kitchen. We loved her innovative take on these delicious cookies using our Organic Bengal Gram Flour. Chickpea flour chocolate chunk cookies or gram flour cookies are the perfect gluten free, no butter bake option that […]

Conscious Guide to Edible Oils

Sometime in the last two decades, a combination of cholesterol fears and olive oil entry led to an array of misconceptions about our local edible oils. Mustard oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, and others were suddenly branded as “bad cholesterol” and canola oil, olive oil, and other blends became the “healthier choice”. Tables […]