About Flours

The well-stocked kitchen allows you a lot of freedom. You can more easily pull together an extra meal or two. Your weekly grocery trips each week could be more efficient as you can then just focus mainly on fresh produce, meats and dairy. Our organic pantry staples offer all the basic groceries than an Indian kitchen needs and depending on the size of your kitchen and pantry you can stock up on one or more packets of all the organic flours, pulses, rice and cereals that you need. On offer are organic mung, masoor, tuvar, chana and urad dals – both whole and split, kabuli channa, desi channa and rajma, red rice, brown rice (sikandar and indrani ) whole bajra and soybean.

Ensure that you are consuming organic. Once bought, organic food normally takes about double the amount of time to cook when compared to non-organic varieties. Also when soaked for a long period of time, organic legumes, grains or pulses do not become soft or break easily and the skin only slightly shrinks. This is because organic grains are denser and fuller as there are no synthetic chemicals that tend to hollow out the grains.