Ghee and Oils
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Size : 500ml
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Size : 100 ml, 500ml
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About Ghee and Oils

We offer an extensive range of cold pressed organic oils including coconut, sesame, peanut, mustard, sunflower and apricot oils. While all the others are used in cooking, apricot is largely for cosmetic purposes. Cold pressing eliminates the harmful effects that arise from the conventional methods of oil extraction i.e. retention of the antioxidant properties and elimination of the need to add stabilizing agents. The only problem with cold pressed oils is their short shelf life. It is better to buy cold pressed oil in small quantities, store it away from light, and consume it within three months of purchase. Conscious Food oils are stored in glass bottles and not plastic which ensures that there is no leaching. We also offer pure Gir cow ghee that is traditionally produced. This means it is produced from yogurt and not just by churning of the milk. As research indicates that ghee made from the milk of the indigenous – Gir cow has higher health benefits. Our seeds make a great natural snacks, add crunch in salads and cakes and are generally good for your health.

Loaded with healthy fatty acids, coconut oil is known to help in lowering cholesterol, fighting diabetes and even weight loss. What’s more, it contains anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This wonder oil has also proven effective against tooth and gum decay. Due to its highly moisturizing nature, it is excellent for hair health and massages. From cooking to beauty, coconut oil is an essential multitasker to have in your wellness arsenal.

What makes Conscious Food Coconut Oil special is the fact that it is cold-pressed and totally organic. Unlike regular oils, our oil is extracted using a cold pressing technique, avoiding nutrient-stripping heat. This helps retain its natural form and flavour, keeping it as pure as possible. In addition, our oil is packaged in chemical-free glass bottles to prevent the harmful effects of plastic and sealed with recyclable corks.