Our philosophy is to work to a standard, not to a price. We buy produce from agriculturists who employ organic methods of farming. Their cultivation, harvesting and storage processes are carefully audited by certifying agencies, which have been accredited by The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). Our raw ingredients are derived from farms across the country, depending on the region best suited to grow them.

While all our products are natural, minimally processed and free from artificial ingredients, only those products that are certified organic are labelled so. In line with our objective of helping small farmers and NGOs, we source products from:

  • Certified organic farmers who have NPOP/EU/NOP certification.
  • PGS (Decentralized Organic Farming Certification System) certified farmers supported by the National Centre for Organic Farming (NCOF), Government of India.
  • Organic by Trust farmers, specifically tribal farmers, who grow organically but are not certified because they are too poor to afford certification.

Once the produce reaches our warehouses, special care is taken to ensure that it is stored hygienically in optimum conditions. The whole spices are iron pounded to ensure low heat grinding, allowing the natural oils and flavours to remain intact. Similarly, oils are stored in stainless steel containers and then packed in glass bottles, ensuring that no liquid is ever in contact with plastic. Our philosophy of maintaining the highest standards extends to the safe packaging of our foods. Before packing, every product is thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

Conscious Food is certified by ECOCERT, operates a HAACP certified workshop and maintains stringent quality control measures.