Breakfast Collection (5 Pack)


Dosa Mix - Made with Brown Rice and Urad Dal

Upma Mix - Made with Split Wheat Dalia and Yellow Mung Dal

Red Rice Flakes (Red Poha)

Brown Rice Flakes (Desi Poha)

Sprouted Split Wheat (Dalia)

Our breakfast selection is here to make your work week satisfying and energised every morning. These tasty, highly nutritious and easy to prepare staples, will help you to stay fuller for longer.

Dosa Mix

A savoury staple from South India, and now a globally known delicacy, Dosa is prepared from a combination of rice and black gram batter. It is a rich source of carbohydrates and provides the body with the necessary energy required by it. It contains essential nutrients, is rich in fibre and is easy to assimilate and digest. Make it yourself in minutes. Preparation instructions on pack.

Upma Mix

Upma is a wholesome South Indian dish an excellent breakfast option. It is a mix of split wheat and yellow mung dal and is a rich source of carbohydrates and proteins. Prepare it with vegetables like onions, tomatoes, potatoes and green peas to make it an even more tasty and nutritious breakfast.

Brown Rice Poha

These flattened rice flakes are made using brown rice and contain all the health benefits of brown rice. Use them to cook some delicious poha for a nutritious mini meal.

Red Rice Poha

Red Rice Flakes (Red Poha) are flattened red rice grains made into flakes. They are coarser and more fibrous than regular white poha. When cooked, they make for an excellent breakfast or evening snack with a rich, earthy taste of its own. Read here for 2 unique poha recipe options.

Sprouted Split Wheat Dalia

Sprouting a grain or seed greatly increases its nutritional value and makes assimilation and digestion easier. Use our immensely nutritious Sprouted Wheat Dalia to create delectable, quick and healthy khichdis or porridges. A versatile option for breakfast but not limited to it either! Read here for recipe inspiration.