About Organic Pulses

Go for organic pulses and meet your requirement of healthy plant based proteins, without the fat and high in fibre. Pulses are amazing organic food products which absorb the flavour of spices and herbs, making them versatile ingredients to cook and delicious to eat. India’s favorite, yellow moong dal cooks quickly and is easy to digest. We source each product from where it grows to its peak quality. The best quality desi chana and kabuli chana are grown in Gujarat whilst the best dals (tuvar, urad, mung) are grown in Vidharbha, Maharashtra, and Masoor dal is best grown in Karnataka. They are high in fibre, diabetic friendly, easy to digest, helps your stay fuller for longer and helps reduce cholesterol. They are rich in essential minerals and nutrients such as iron and phosphorus – aid in preventing heart disease, cancer and obesity. They are high in complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber and are extremely low in fat.

Cooking Tip: These pulses will take about double the time to cook and commercial pulses. Those new to legumes will find it helpful to prepare them with spices that help digestion such as asafoetida, cumin seeds, fresh ginger, and black pepper.