Our products are carefully cleaned and individually inspected before packing to avoid contamination of any kind. While we maintain high hygiene levels, we also like to keep our products minimally processed. This includes sticking to a no chemical pesticides and no chemical preservatives policy. Since organic food is free of chemical preservatives it may require slightly more care. Here are some tips to help you store your organic food better and longer:

  • Before buying an item in a store, check that the bag or container is well sealed and undamaged.
  • Always clean up spilled food promptly to ensure good sanitation. Also, vacuum and clean the pantry areas regularly to remove traces of spilled foods.
  • Consume all dried food items within 2-4 months of purchase to prevent pantry pests.
  • Spices and other products kept for longer periods should be sealed in airtight containers. However, note that even unopened organic food containers made of plastic, waxed paper and cardboard, can occasionally be penetrated by pests.