About our Wholesome Bites

Now enjoy our relaunched snack range in an all new single-serve pack that can easily be carried in your handbag or gym bag. The snacks are all made in the Conscious Food ISO 22000 certified kitchen using organic and natural ingredients. We have worked on updating the recipes to add in some more flavours and the entire range is gluten, oil, dairy, yeast and chemical free! Our wholesome bites are made of millets and other ancient grains and are roasted, not fried. We offer the crackers in many variations including sorghum, pearl millet, finger millet, brown rice and six grain. They are only lightly spiced so they do not trigger acidity or heartburn. The crackers can be eaten independently and are also great with cheese, relishes and dips – whether avocado, yogurt or tofu based. We also offer some very delicate, roasted banana wafers that never fail to delight. The sweet treats are great after the gym or a post meal indulgence. Made with natural jaggery and healthy ingredients like gram, sesame and peanuts they are packed with wholesome goodness. We also offer makhana and seed mixes. Healthy natural snacks online India are available right here. Try our natural snacks and let us know what you think!

Choose the healthy option and pick a guilt-free snack pack from Conscious Food.